Session starts - 11:45

Flink? Yet another streaming framework?

Are you confronted with the task to evaluate and select a stream processing framework to complete your big data platform?
Come to visit this talk and learn how we challenged the same task by evaluating 5 different frameworks: SQLStream,,
Apache Spark and Apache Flink.

You will
– learn about their core concepts & architecture,
– see our proof-of-concept use-case implementations,
– be introduced to the scorecard used to rate our core requirements and
– be presented our final results.

But beware, its not the intention of this talk to anticipate decisions for different setups but to provide a general approach on
how to select a suitable stream processing framework.

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About the speaker

Alexander Kolb

Alexander studies computer science and currently writes his master thesis about testing streaming applications at the Business Intelligence department of the Otto Group in Hamburg.



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