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BigPetStore: A comprehensive blueprint for Apache Flink

Big Data processing frameworks like Apache Flink make it easy to write distributed programs, but it can be difficult to go from understanding simple tutorial applications to writing scalable, production-ready code.

BigPetStore, which is a part of Apache BigTop, is a set of interrelated applications that use a sophisticated synthetic data generator to generate realistic workloads for various data processing frameworks, including Hadoop and Spark, and to serve as a nontrivial example application for these. In this talk, we will discuss our efforts to extend BigPetStore to support Apache Flink while taking advantage of Flink’s unique features like its streaming-centric model, iterative stream processing and windowing semantics.

BigPetStore-Flink provides a realistic example application for streaming analytics at large scale, a platform for evaluating the performance of Flink deployments, and a concise exploration of the differences between Flink and other data processing frameworks.

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About the speaker

Suneel Marthi

Suneel Marthi is a Senior Principal Software Engineer in the Office of Technology, Red Hat. He is the PMC Chair and Committer on Apache Mahout and a core contributor on DeepLearning4J and Oryx 2.0.
He is the Co-Organizer of the Washington DC Area Apache Flink meetup and founder of the Boston Area Apache Flink meetup.



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