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Procedural Programming vs. Data Flow

For a data Scientists coming from more programming languages like R and Python, the programming model of modern big data frameworks like Apache Flink looks somewhat unfamiliar. Based on transformations of unordered sets, the programming style is very different from the more procedural or functional programming style used in R or Python.

In this talk I will contrast the two paradigms and explain the most important concepts and tricks to use to translate procedural code into code for a system like Flink.

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Mikio Braun

Mikio Braun is Delivery Lead for Recommendation and Search at Zalando, Europe’s largest fashion online store. Before joining Zalando, he has worked for more than a decade as machine learning researcher working on core learning algorithms and applications, with a focus on real-time and stream processing, for example for social media. He is also the author of jblas, a Java library for fast matrix computations.



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