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Karamel – Reproducing distributed systems and experiments on cloud

Karamel is a developer-friendly application that enables the deployment of Apache Flink clusters on both virtualized platforms (AWS, GCE, OpenStack) and bare-metal hosts. In a few clicks, users can deploy arbitrarily large Flink clusters that can easily be configured in an easy to use UI.

At the backend, Karamel is an orchestrator for Chef that leverages Berkshelf to transparently download and install transitive cookbook dependencies, so large systems can be defined in a few lines of code.

Finally, the Karamel runtime builds and manages the execution of the DAG of Chef recipes, by first launching the virtual machines or configuring the bare-metal boxes and then executing recipes with Chef Solo. The Karamel runtime executes the node setup steps using JClouds or ssh. Karamel transparently handles faults by retrying, as virtual machine creation or configuration is not always reliable or timely.

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Kamal Hakimzadeh

Kamal Hakimzadeh is PhD student at KTH Sweden in Distributed Systems group, his main focus is reproducibility of the distributed experiments. He is the co-founder and primary architect of the Karamel system ( He has also contributed on Distributed File System focusing on the consistency model.



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