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Interactive Flink Analytics with Hopsworks and Apache Zeppelin

For Data Scientists interested in interactive analytics using Apache Flink, Apache Zeppelin is a great starting point. Interactive workspaces for the exploration and visualization of Big Data are fast becoming a must-have tool for Data Scientists. In particular, web-based Notebooks such as Zeppelin, an Apache Incubator project, are growing in popularity due to their support for collaborative development.

In this talk, we will walk you through how to use Flink and Zeppelin on the Hopsworks platform. Hopsworks is an intuitive project-based front-end for Hadoop that also supports project-based multi-tenancy (think GitHub), DataSet sharing (think Dropbox), free-text search using ElasticSearch and one-click installation.

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About the speaker

Jim Dowling

Jim Dowling is a Senior Researcher at SICS «“ Swedish ICT and an Associate Professor at KTH Stockholm.
He is a researcher in the area of distributed systems, where his main interests are in the area of large-scale computer systems. He is project leader for both the Hadoop Open Platform-as-a-Service (, a next-generation Hadoop platform and Karamel, an orchestration platform for automated deployment and experiments in the Cloud. He is also the coordinator of the BiobankCloud project (, providing Big Data support for Biobanking.



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