Session starts - 14:00

Training: Gelly School

In this 90 minute training session, you will learn how to develop large-scale graph analysis applications with Gelly, Flink’s graph processing API.

We will demonstrate how you can create a Graph and use Gelly’s library methods to analyze it, compute metrics and transform it.

Next, we will see how to perform iterative graph analysis with Gelly’s vertex-centric and gather-sum-apply iteration methods.

Finally, we will show how you can mix Flink’s DataSet API with Gelly, to create end-to-end data analysis applications, without having to build complex pipelines.

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About the speaker

Vasia Kalavri

Vasia Kalavri is a PhD student at KTH, Stockholm, doing research on distributed data processing, systems optimization and largeĀ­-scale graph analysis. She is also a PMC member of Apache Flink, mainly working on Flink’s graph processing API, Gelly.



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