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Google Cloud Dataflow and Flink, making streaming the default for data processing Cloud and on-premises (Kesselhaus)

Why wait to get results and take action? It is time to un-learn the assumptions that “big data” generally implies batch, and that stream processing is reserved for the most advanced team and the mot time-critical situations.

From streaming ingestion, to immediate data preparation, alerting and interactive queries, the tools are available today which make real-time processing easy at any scale: easy to develop but also easy to own/administrate.

Google Cloud Platform offers a well-integrated suite of such fully-managed services, such as Cloud Dataflow. In addition, the Dataflow programming model can also take advantage of the Flink runtime and its portability.

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About the speaker

William Vambenepe

William Vambenepe leads the product management team responsible for Big Data services on Google Cloud Platform (BigQuery, Dataflow, etc…). William was previously an Architect at Oracle and before that a Distinguished Technologist at HP.

He holds an engineer degree from Ecole Centrale Paris, a Diploma in Computer Science from Cambridge University and a Master of Science in Engineering Management from Stanford University.



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