Session starts - 14:00

Training: FlinkML Hands-On

This 90 minutes advanced training session is going to introduce you to machine learning at scale with Apache Flink. Using well known problems of classification, clustering and regression, we will explain the main concepts of ML pipelines and the utilities Flink is providing around them.

In this lesson you will

  • get an overview of the main concepts in Flink ML
  • learn how to set up a project using Flink ML
  • write your first machine learning pipeline
  • construct a complex, multi-stage ML pipeline to solve a sophisticated analysis problem

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About the speaker

Maximilian Michels

Max is an Apache Flink committer and works as a software developer at
Data Artisans. He studied at Free University of Berlin and Istanbul

He previously worked as a research assistant in parallel
and distributed computing at Zuse Institute Berlin.



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