Session starts - 16:00

Training: DataStream API Hands-On #2

This 90 minute training session will introduce you into stream processing with Apache Flink, using the DataStream API. We will give an introduction into the concepts of stream processing and the APIs Flink is providing.

In this lesson you will

  • learn the basic concepts of the DataStream API
  • become familiar with the basic transformations such as map and filter
  • write your first streaming application in Flink
  • become familiar with the state checkpointing for exactly-once processing
  • learn how to define windows on a data stream and how to do transformations inside windows.

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About the speaker

Aljoscha Krettek

Aljoscha Krettek is a PMC member at Apache Flink and co-founder and software engineer at data Artisans.
Aljoscha studied Computer Science at TU Berlin and worked at IBM Germany and at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose.



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