Session starts - 11:00

Training: DataSet API Hands-On and FlinkML

This 90 minutes training session is going to introduce you into batch processing with Apache Flink, using the DataSet API. We will give an introduction into Flink’s DataSet API and do programming exercises for a first Flink program.

In this lesson you will

  • learn the basic concepts of the DataSet API
  • become familiar with Map, GroupReduce, and Join transformations and functions
  • write your first Flink batch program using the DataSet API
  • compile and package your program using Maven
  • execute your program on a (locally) running Flink instance
  • learn about FlinkML, Flink’s Machine Learning library

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About the speaker

Maximilian Michels

Max is an Apache Flink committer and works as a software developer at
Data Artisans. He studied at Free University of Berlin and Istanbul

He previously worked as a research assistant in parallel
and distributed computing at Zuse Institute Berlin.



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