Session starts - 11:00

Training: Intro & System Setup

In the first 90 minutes of the Flink Workshop, we will give a general introduction into Apache Flink.

Afterwards, we«™ll help the participants to set up their laptops with the required tools for developing Flink applications.

Specifically you will

  • learn about the required software
  • generate a Maven project with all required Flink dependencies and import it into your IDE
  • run and debug a Flink program in your IDE
  • install, start, and stop a Flink instance that runs on your local machine

After this session, you will have a high-level understanding of Apache Flink, its APIs, libraries and the runtime. Your laptop will be set-up with a development environment to start writing your first Flink application.

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About the speaker

Fabian Hueske

Fabian Hueske is a PMC member of Apache Flink. He started working on this project as part of his PhD studies at TU Berlin in 2009. Fabian did internships with IBM Research, SAP Research, and Microsoft Research and is a co-founder of data Artisans, a Berlin-based start-up devoted to foster Apache Flink. He is frequently giving talks on Apache Flink at conferences and meetups. Fabian is interested in distributed data processing and query optimization.



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